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Pay per play ads from NetAudioAds is a new idea in online advertising. From 1st Feb 2008 you can display PPP(pay per play) ads on your website or blog. You can sign up through www.sellingppp.com

You will earn from traffic to your site. When a visitor will come to your site a 5 seconds ads will play automatically and you will start earning. Participation in PPP ads are free.

You have to insert a JavaScript code in your site. You will get paid through your pay pal account or by check in US dollars. Your website language must be in English. You can participate from any part of the world.

Ads will be played in contextual manner. That means ads will be relevant to your site
content. As you will be earning from traffic some extra money can be earned through PPP ads without any additional effort.

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Make Online Money through Text Link ads

In last year (2007) www.text-link-ads.com become a popular ad network. Also many webmasters get troubled for using this ad network when they were not cautious. Before going to that point let's take a brief overview of that ad network.

You can place text link ads from advertisers through this ad network. You will get 50% revenue of advertisers bid. The minimum payout is $25 when you want to receive check. If you wish to receive payment through Pay Pal no minimum payout. Payment is sent in the first of the month. They also have affiliate program. You can also place ads in your rss feed of your blog. Currently they support only Wordpress blog.

Now what trouble one can get using this ad network and how to solve that? As you know search engines like Google do not like too many reciprocal links and HATE paid links.
Google take it too seriously when any one use any deceptive manner to get up in the search ranking. These ads are paid link.

So it have an effect on search results. So when you are using any paid link on your site you have to take the necessary steps. Here is Google help how to use paid links :

Many publishers have been penalized by Google for using paid links. So if you wish to earn some extra bucks you can use this ad network with little caution.


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How To get Traffic


Recently i have passed through a website discussing about getting traffic for websites. It was talking about generating traffic from yahoo answers. When i go through the comments of that site i found many interested to get traffic in that way. Is it any good way?

The answer is no. But for a newbie it can be a dangerous thing to do. In yahoo answers many people ask questions and any one can answer that. Sometimes people answer the question and leave a link to their sites. But if you go through yahoo answers guidelines you can not post your website link in answers if it is associated with affiliate programs.

The main point is you can not promote your site. Yahoo answers take these kind of attempt very seriously and banned the account as soon as they can. Some people are too fool to make a new account and get banned again.

So what is the bad point here? The bad point is if you do so you will be accused for spamming. Once you are accused of spamming your website will be removed from search engines index, your web host will deny to further serve you and you can not find a new one.

If you use any free web host they will also ban you. So do not blindly follow any tips to get traffic. This type of attempt can get some traffic for a little period of time but will leave along lasting bad impact for you.

Work hard to make your content rich and just follow the basic rules to get traffic.